#7 - Liz Miller & Christine Kakaire

For Salt + Sass #7 we were joined by industry insider Liz Miller, who has a varied career of over 20 years in electronic music.

Miller discussed some of her highlights—and lowlights—with Christine Kakaire for the second instalment of our partnership with Resident Advisor.


CTM Festival - "Best Practices"

This afternoon, hosted by music journalist Lisa Blanning, was a platform for a few female and female-identified groups to not only present themselves to the public, but also to meet, exchange and cross-pollinate everyone’s work even further.

Kat, Elissa and Christine were joined by Luz Diaz from Room 4 Resistance to host the closing discussion of the day, focusing on best practices for both artists and those who work in the wider music industry.


#6 - Gosia Płysa & Lisa Blanning

In the first of our 2017 series collaboration with Resident Advisor's Exchange podcast, Unsound Festival's Executive Director Gosia Płysa joined us for a conversation hosted by Lisa Blanning.